Did I Make Poetry?

Did I make poetry? Did I make you dance? Did I make magic? Did you wet your pants? Did I squeeze your brain cells? Did I touch your heart cells? Did I tickle your gonads? Did I make your parts swell? Did I make you feel the weather? Did I make you cry? Did I […]

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The First Song

The first song is a cry The last song is a sigh  And in between, A lot of tuneless warbling… Nothing wrong, You sing your song I don’t want to be entertained I want to be enthralled But not by spectacle Rather, by the mundane: A grain of rice, A drop of rain Must there […]

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Any Color You Like

First you have to live within the context of no context for a while  I cannot quite agree that life is meaningless But I do have to wonder where meaning exists…  Because we are each born into a context, a 360° circle of meanings and definitions and shared understandings and collective values Maybe there was […]

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Chasing Shadows

The trees have gone bare Do we blame them? Trees have been going dormant Since before we got here And they have reasons of their own Or there may be no reasoning at all, It’s not like a tree decides You have a lot of deciding to do,  Free will, all that bother, and yet… […]

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I grieve the loss of certainty I grieve the loss of my childhood faith and knowing I stand in the space  I am holding A space for nothing  At all It there a god who cares That I care if there’s a god? What if not even that? The very aloneness I am the third […]

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The Function of…

It’s perfectly legitimate to ask What is the function of a work of art Just as it is perfectly legitimate to ask What is the function of an orgasm It just seems to me that the notion of art having a function is it Western-minded kind of idea When it doesn’t really ask what the […]

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Tuning My Fork

I am tuning my fork I would like it to play  Ode to Joy So far, it has nothing to say EEFG I can only get the first four notes It’s enough to get the flavor  But you know that I’ll want more later Can I tune an entire service,  And ask my guests to […]

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Om Shanti Shanti ShantiLet’s shout, says the chanticleerFirst thing in the morning to wake the sun up rising gloryCelebrate the day! Home Chanti Chanti ChantiMay your intentions be clear and trueIt is neither easy nor hardTo do if you are willingTo step into nothing It’s not just that there are empty spaces between thingsThere are […]

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Diminishing Returns

You can want something for someone else But you can’t really want something from someone else Well, I mean that’s what we do all the time Not that every human interaction is a transaction But of course, at some level it is Can you truly want something for someone?  Can you want more for someone […]

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